Financial Modeling

The power and advantage to modeling is that mistakes are cheap to fix at this level.

This is the process by which we determine how much cash and resources are needed to drive the business and whether the cash would be provided by equity, bank loans or vendor financing. Part of this analysis and strategy development determines what percent of the equity a company must sell to raise the cash, the exit point and its worth to the various equity holders. For those emerging businesses just getting started, VentureCADTM and VentureEQUITYTM become structures around which the business is developed.

This capability to offer an integrated financial approach is truly unique. Our competitors downplay the importance of a powerful model because THEY DO NOT HAVE ONE and can only afford to build a rough structure in a week or less. In this time frame, they can’t possibly approach the power and sophistication of what we offer. We have been at the modeling business for a decade: 45 clients, 14,000 hours, 1.5 million calculating cells, powerful algorithms, button automation and color presentation in GAAP compliant foremat. Don’t be fooled by this downplay of financial modeling, as it is crucial to engineering an intelligent deal.



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