Oil & Gas Promotion and Development

First Sovereign Equity Research has teamed with the developer of a powerful reservoir economic analysis program to integrate their reservoir engineering and economic analysis into the corporate planning capabilities of VentureCADTM and VentureEQUITYTM.

Initially, consultants will offer the output of the software and when fully developed it can be purchased as a stand alone or ASP program.

This unique tool will transform the declining reserve model into the going concern model, a more exciting proposition to promote to prospective investors. Finding and producing reserves is an exploration and engineering activity, whose capital expenditures, cash flows, depletion and depreciation can now be integrated into corporate finance.

While the “Yea Haw” promoter may not appreciate this integrated financial approach, it should be of considerable benefit to the smaller company trying to understand and quantify the impact of a discovery and determine the speed of field development.

First Sovereign Equity Research is ready to help you financially structure your future exploration company.

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