Fast Financial Design Tools –
New Category of Financial Software Developed in Houston

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VentureCADTM and VentureEQUITYTM are the first entries in a new software category: Fast Financial Design Tools, used in enterprise level financial strategic decisions involving (1) cash requirements to grow the business and (2) the pricing and sale of equity to finance the growth.

The proprietary software is graphic, interactive and highly automated, generating quick, accurate sales and resource projections that are ultimately integrated into a double-entry styled set of GAAP financial statements that accept beginning balances and generate Income, Balance, Cash Flow and Detailed Cash Flow statements.

Seven-year old First Sovereign Equity Research (FSER) is the developer of the software. Founder and principal software architect Bruce Badeau (bruce@fser.net) says, “Our clients demanded rapid, financial projection and future enterprise valuations for investors. This analysis couldn’t be done by standard accounting packages, which are compilations of financial history or by other low-end business planning software packages”.

After researching names, Badeau chose VentureCAD because of the following analogy: Architects use AutoCAD© to design buildings, so why shouldn’t a financial strategist have access to a powerful tool to design the financial architecture of the enterprise, hence VentureCAD.

Together, Bruce Badeau and Don Turner (CPA), Controller of National HealthCare Alliance, designed the first version to help clients of an automotive products marketing consultant predict the effects of advertising on sales, profits and resources. At first the program was a very large Microsoft Excel© application and rather clunky at that.

Later it grew to over 1.5 million calculating cells, highly automated with Visual Basic controls and macros. The projected financials always balance and there are many sophisticated financial components such as the ability to globally age accounts payable and receivable into a 30-60-90-120-150-180 day profile. Output is in color with charts and graphs, highly desirable for investor presentations and demonstrations.

A broad and diverse client base has consistently driven the program towards perfection. Some of the industries serviced are listed below:


  • Internet Mortgages
  • Managed Health Care
  • Oil Services & Exploration
  • Software Development
  • Television Production
  • Investment Banking
  • Telecommunications
  • Measurement Equipment
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Pre-paid Phone Cards
  • Heavy Construction
  • Consumer Products
  • Mold Remediation
  • Gaming & Lottery
  • Exporting & Importing


According to client Douglas A. Haas, President of Houston based SporeX, Inc. “Our toxic mold remediation business is exploding, and we’ve been able to successfully and rapidly predict the considerable demands on people, resources and cash by using FSER services. This is a great program and an excellent service”.

Badeau thanks his knowledgeable and expert client base for influencing development. He quips, “customer driven products, especially software, generate significant value to the current and next client by virtue of continuous software development.

Currently, FSER offers investment banking consulting services that are supported by this software suite. Next, the software will be on an Application Service Provider (ASP) and then every strategist or business owner will have fee-based access to software and to knowledgeable consultants known as VentureArchitectsTM.

Click here for more details about VentureCAD.


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