Deal Making Software and Financial Consulting


Automatic Investment Narratives

There are Seven-Rounds of investment.  Each one generates its own Investment Narrative written in a manner consistent with professional guidelines.

Sections can be cut and pasted into your documents.

Pre-Money Valuation by Component

We provide the Component Method of establishing Pre-Money Value.  A report is prepared with two columns, one for Friends Round and the other for Round 1 - Professional Investors.  

Component Method allows a focused defense on valuation during Investor negotiations.

13 Talking Points to Defend Pre-Money Value

There are 13 questions typically asked by Investors. This tutorial is about answering these questions which provide a great qualitative defense of your Pre-Money Valuation.  Works hand in hand with the previous quantitative method.

Write Your One-Page Executive Summary

A semi-automatic preparation of your Executive Summary, which requires you to write the Summary of Opportunity, utilizing the answers to the 13-Questions.

This page alone can be useful in e-mail investor introductions to your proposal.

Assemble & Print Your 5-Page Summary

We assemble and print in Letter Portrait format, a 5-page summary that includes the Pre-Money Valuation, Answers to Talking Points, 1-Page ExSum, and the Investment Narratives.

How we did the calculations

We decided to show some of the background calculations in these four sections. You don't need to master any of this... just for inquiring minds.