Deal Making Software and Financial Consulting

Getting Started

Discusses the Dashboard with set up, navigation and video buttons.  We have added a video 6-B--- all about Option Pricing and Expensing.

BASIC Dilution & Equity Pricing Tutorial

This is our first tutorial - a simple, conceptualization of Dilution and Pre-Money Pricing.  Nice, simple graphics in a calculator format.  

Build Financial Projections

You can easily make Financial Projections that produce, Income, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements.  Reflects the sale of Securities and Notes.  We provide Low-Mid-High Scenarios.  

Automatically formatted for easy printing or cutting and pasting.  Has Opening  Balances, Work Outs, Depreciation and Amortization schedules.   

New Loans

Set up a New Commercial Loan -- one for each Scenario.  Start in any of seven years, with a Term of up to 240 months or 20 Years.

Existing Loans

Emulate an Existing Loan with the original start Month, Principal Amount, and Term... There is one Existing Loan per Scenario.

Valuation -- Multiple of REVENUE or EBITDA

Valuation is either a Multiple of REVERNUE or EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization). You can globally assign a REVENUE or EBITDA multiple or individually assign multiple to specific years. Graphical Display shows the relationships.  

Determine Cash Needs

Results of your Financial Projections are fed into a graphic display which shows deficits colored by pink. Your goal will be to raise enough equity to eliminate the deficits and turn the chart into green while maintaining sufficient liquidity indicated by an index accompanying the chart. 

ElementS of Securities to Structure Deal

This table details the components of each security used to raise money for your deal.  Handy to review these details. 

Build, Save, Recall, and Adjust Three Scenarios

The securities used to raise money for Low, Mid, and High financial projections can be saved, recalled and adjusted. If you want to adjust the projections, it is done independently in Section 1. 

Financing Using Royalties

Utilize either a Gross Sales Royalty or better, a Preferential Royalty with a set return settled at Exit if any balance remains outstanding.  This is a powerful method of raising capital ...

Structure Your Deal with Securities

This video shows how you structure capital raises using Common, Common with Warrants, Preferred Shares with Liquidation Preferences and / or Accrued Dividends, Short Term Notes Convertible into common and priced at a discount to the next Round of Common and protected against a runaway valuation with a cap on Pre-Money Value.  

Option Pool

New rules require the expensing of Options to the Income Statement.  

The video shows how to establish Option Value, apply a Discount, and Expense the Discounted Value over the Vesting Period.

Securities used in the Capital Raise

There are several, traditional capital raising scenarios. Founders and Friend use Common with Options as management incentives. Next, is usually a Note that converts into common at a discount to the next common sale. This is a way to avoid getting hammered in Early Valuations… Let some time pass to gain more value.  

Founder Equity, Dilution, Voting Control, and Cap-Table

See the effects Raising Capital has on Founder Dilution and Voting Control in our Fully Diluted Capitalization Table, which has Exit Valuations and colorization of control issues.